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Storm, schmorm

I figure the storm couldn't have been that bad because Ericka didn't call me to come home and deal with our poor, frightened dog. (Brandy, she dislikes the thunder and, some might say wisely, tries to get the whole family together and into a small room whenever she hears it.)

Still, yesterday the wind blew down the tree in front of my house. Snapped it off like a matchstick and left it lying in the road. The city came by and cut it up, leaving the limbs and trunk pieces in front of my house for disposal later. They'll come around, grind down the stump and plant a new tree in a couple of weeks or so. This is what they did when I lost a boulevard tree on the north side of my house a few years ago.

Only about an hour left to work for me and then it's off home to get Ericka up in time for mummy class. Didn't get enough sleep again today; hopefully the body's getting a bit of a clue, though, and tomorrow will be better.

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