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Scary monsters

I was working on getting my mortgage/home equity line of credit refinanced earlier this week. In doing so, I noticed that the payment for my LoC would be coming out of my checking account soon. I checked the balance I found out I'd be a little short. So I transferred some money from another account; enough to cover it and leave a few dollars for anything else that hadn't posted yet or would come up before Tuesday when I get paid. (Tuesday is such a weird day to get paid. Fortunately work is changing to Friday soon.)

Checked again this morning and discovered that my checking account had a balance of $0.90. Indeed, a charge for a tankful of gas had come in while I wasn't looking and the payment for my Apple loan came in too.

That's cutting it a bit too closely.

Far past time to organize all the bills and get everything lined up to be paid on time. I'll be working on that the rest of the week.

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