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Creeping fatigue

Ericka's chair got itself busted last week when she was off at mummy class. Was barely able to get herself home. The fine wheelchair mechanics came and picked it up and called to let her know that they'd have it back sometime later this week.

Ericka told them, "No."

They explained that it would take time for the parts to ship and so that was the earliest she could get it back.

Ericka told them, "No."

After explaining that she had a full week's worth of appointments at the lymphedema clinic and that, if not for her chair, the only way she was getting to them would be using her manual chair with yours truly pushing. Ericka, not being a small person, she doesn't like being a "burden" and besides, the appointments later this week are in the middle of my sleeping time. Would be a serious pain in the ass.

So they ordered the part to be shipped in by overnight air and got her chair back to her today.

Still had to go to mummy class this morning using the manual chair. Not too bad, but a lot of work for a sleepy me. Plus staying up later to get Ericka home and settled threw off my sleeping schedule so that I couldn't even get in a decent nap in front of the Twins game later in the evening.

So now I'm still a bit tired and, having come in late, I'll be here for another couple of hours. Thankfully, the chair did come in yesterday so Ericka shan't need me this morning and I can sleep and sleep and sleep.

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