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Juggling and ennui

The Flying Karamazov Brothers was a fun show last night. I arrived with a carload and we wandered the short walk to the theater. Unfortunately, the Landmark Center was closed so no impromptu sight-seeing for out-of-town guests as we wandered by. On arrival, one of our party went to the backstage entrance as he was getting in by doing photography back stage. Geri kindly declined my offer to pay for my ticket.

With that settled, we drifted upstairs to grab a bite of the Russian cuisine being offered for sale. A quick nosh was just the thing for those of us missing dinner to be here. Before long, a juggling demonstration by some local kids and then instruction started up. I could contain myself no longer and borrowed a set of clubs from the instructors. Within ten minutes of discovering that my chops aren't what they used to be, a friend from the University of Minnesota Juggling Club wandered up with a querying, "Pete?" We traded brief histories and small talk.

The show itself was fun. The premise was that the laws of the universe, from specific relativity to quantum mechanics, could be described by juggling. After that was finished, the brothers K put forth their idea of the Unified Field Theorem. "Why have we, mere entertainers succeeded in this when so many great minds have failed? They couldn't juggle." They combined old tricks with some new and took full advantage of the marvelous toys the fine folks at the MIT Media Lab helped them construct. From a whole-body musical instrument whose tones were determined by the performer's position on stage and the gestures of his arms, to juggling clubs with multi-colored LEDs that changed depending on their position and that of the juggler, they had far more cool stuff than should be allowed.

Home again and sleep after catching up on some Tivo.

Then to work today.

Perhaps it's because the weekend was so great and seems to have lasted well into last night. Perhaps its the frustrating, pointless holds on launching the project I'm working on. Whatever the reason, work cannot absorb me today. There seems no use in doing any of the things I know I need to do. At least the busy-work and feigned industriousness has kept me from going completely mad before leaving would be frowned on. I've been here long enough today that I could get away with skipping out. I hope tomorrow is a bit brighter.

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