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Withdrawal can be a good thing

My routine up until yesterday had been to come home, check email, maybe post to LiveJournal then settle into bed with my iBook happily playing relaxing music. Since my iBook's on the disabled list, though, I've taken to reading myself to sleep. Finished the Le Guin novella yesterday and started Chip Delany's They Fly at Çiron today and am more than half-way through it. Work is slow tonight so I'll probably get in some reading here.

I have an interview on Monday afternoon for a job at the Mall of America managing something that is to be called the "Dew Den Powered by Xbox." It's to be a place where people can come in and play video games on the internet (while, presumedly, guzzling Mt. Dew). I was, apparently, one of the few resumes they received from someone with actual gaming experience. All those years behind the tables at Gen Con may pay off here.

The only downside is that it's a 10-week gig. I plan to ask, in the interview, what the possibility of future work is, if this works out. If I'm offered the job, I plan to ask my current employer if I can take an unpaid leave of absence. Given that the summer is typically slow here, I'm thinking they might go for it; one person off the payroll for 10 weeks and a skilled worker ready to come back to work when things get busy again.

Ericka has started her six weeks of intensive therapy at the lymphedema clinic at the U of M hospitals. So far, this involves wrapping her lower legs in layers of padding, foam and what look like ACE bandages but aren't. She's responding well to the treatment and has lost a lot of volume in her legs. I notice that the space between her toes is larger and the skin over her calves isn't as tight. Eventually, the treatment expands to include the rest of her. I've been calling the therapy sessions "mummy class."

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