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My poor iBook is ill. It's display gets all wonky, displaying repeating horizontal and/or vertical lines whenever it's body is flexed slightly (like when you pick it up with one hand) or if you've been typing on it too long. This is preceded by it hanging. When playing a song on iTunes when this happened, it started repeating one bleep of the song before it finally quit and hung for good. Zapping the PRAM seemed to make it happy for a little bit, but then the problem came back.

Sigh. So it's into the Apple Store tomorrow; glad I bought the AppleCare service plan when I bought the iBook last year.

So I've not posted the last two days worth of Mastery thoughts (on Impatience and Procrastination, ironically) because I've been doing those posts from home. I did take some of the book's advice today, however, to do something that keeps up my passion for writing when I feel like procrastinating. So I started re-reading "The Word for the World is Forest." One of my favorite stories from my favorite author. It's wonderful to see how the world changes as you view it through the eyes of different characters from chapter to chapter. At first it felt heavy-handed, an exaggeration of racism and misogyny; I swiftly realized this was because the viewpoint character was such a man. It was also interesting to see how little nuggets of information that give you depth of the world show up in the story without intruding.

Work is busy (taking a short break to post this). They decided to reorganize the business units around the tools that the employees use. So the proprietary typesetting system and auxiliary Word tools we use are in one group. The Quark-based tools are in another group. One consequence of this is that they'll be needing fewer people. This turns out to be a good thing for me as I'm in a position that's in demand. Several first-shift people are being shifted to second and third shift and we've had a few layoffs across the two groups (totaling about 35 people, four from our shift were laid off).

Well, better get back to it!

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