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Mastery day 8—Blame

Today's topic is about taking responsibility for one's actions and the effects they have. The author encourages us to accept that much of what happens "to" us is, in fact, happening because we are generating it. Whether our frame of mind puts us into a space where those things are allowed to happen or we act in ways to sabotage ourselves, if there is any blame to be laid, it is to be laid at one's own doorstep.

I partially agree with the author. I'm all over the New-Agey belief defining reality concept as well as the psychological effects of thought patterns influencing behavior. I know, for example, that the two times I've been fired from a job, I was actively expressing dislike for those jobs; in effect, asking to be fired.

The author does throw me a caveat: there are some things that just happen and that are not anyone's fault. The fax machine breaking isn't anyone's fault. So the whole of reality isn't hinging on my thoughts like George Orr in The Lathe of Heaven.

What I'm taking out of today's lesson is to, once again, keep an eye on one's thoughts and the effect they can have on my mood, activities and those around me. I do pretty well maintaining a positive attitude in my daily life and work to infect that attitude on Ericka and others around me. I have found myself being less positive at work over the last week; so I'll keep an eye on that and work to make my thinking more positive all the time.

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