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Odd commute

Seemed to be in for a long ride this evening when I set out. A light breeze in my face was slowing me down quite a bit. It's amazing how much difference that can make. But after I made the turn toward the railroad tracks, the wind shifted and came in behind me. The last half of the ride was basically up a gear from what I usually use. Again, amazing difference that wind.

So I think I got here early as I've done the peeking around at what's in store for work (800+ pages due on second shift tomorrow, 2000+ in two jobs due Friday and Monday) and it's only 23:30. Oddly, there isn't much to do. The 800 pages for tomorrow are being broken up by two of my co-workers. The big 1200 page job due Monday is on the board but has all been set (by our Indian outsourced company) and now it's just edits.

Things will pick up later when the jobs get on the board, but for now it's quiet.

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