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Mastery day 7—Bad mood

Today's topic is about how a good sense of humor can keep you on your career path.

Once again, I don't feel I need a lot of help her. A little now and then, but mostly I crack me up. I often look back on situations the have occurred on the job and find ridiculous humor in them. I'll often crack up at some silly thing that happens at work.

The exercise portion of today's lesson is to think about how your favorite comedian would view your job.

I'm thinking the author means one's current job. If I had a favorite comedian, it would probably be George Carlin. (Though I also enjoy a lot of other humorists. Favorites always seem so limiting.) I can imagine George Carlin delivering some of my work's edicts and making them seem funny.

For example, we recently got emailed a quiz on two of the little software tools we use in doing our jobs. They are called Jumpstart and Toolbox. The opening line of the email from the training department invited us to take this quiz to improve our skills. It then went on to say that this was not a compulsory quiz but that we should take it and email the answers to our leads so that they knew we had availed ourselves of this learning opportunity. I smile now thinking about it.

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