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Fun day and night

I got up a bit early and got off to the Twins game for the afternoon. None of the people I talked to could go with me so I ended up going by myself. Traded by tickets up for lower club seats. I was 10 rows up, sitting right on the first base line. Very good seats. The second pitch was fouled into my section, about 10 rows behind me. It was going to be an exciting day.

The Twins ended up losing to the Mariners, which sucked. The Mariners are a good club, though, so it's not so bad losing to them.

After the game, I swung home and whipped up some dinner for Ericka. Then it was down to Keegan's Pub where Tramps & Hawkers (aka the boys) were having their "not a CD release party." Saw both halves of minnehaha, 90_percent_sure, mizzlaurajean and davidschroth, drank quite enough whiskey and beer. Sat in with the band on bodhran for part of the second set a few songs at the end of the night. Fun time.

Dozed off (darned drink) the rest of the night and now need to get breakfast for Ericka and then crawl back into bed.

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