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Busier today, but still periods of slowness. Not enough to drive me completely nuts, but enough to allow me some time for not-so-random web surfing.

I'm printing out a big job that I've been working on (along with my co-workers) all night. Because second shift was busy, it didn't get started on until I got here, in spite of being due at 5:00 a.m. We've received an extension of a couple of hours to get it done, which should happen pretty easily.

My bike ride in was pretty good. The re-inflation of my tires has helped a lot. I'm staying in a higher gear as my "base" gear and shift down to my lowest gears quite infrequently. A spot of rain on the way in, but I was able to find quick cover and get my rain shell on and still get to work on time.

Supposed to be thunder in the afternoon/evening tomorrow, according to our good friends at The Weather Channel so I may need the full rain gear on the way to work tomorrow.

Was a bit rushed getting out of the house today, so I didn't get my Whipping Your Career Into Submission exercise posted before leaving the house. I'll get it whipped up before I go to bed after work today.

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