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What's all this then?

A flurry of rush work has kept me busy for most of the night. I didn't expect it since we were so very dead slow last night. In fact, if we weren't one and a half typesetters short tonight, it likely would be at least as slow as it was last night.

My Freewill Astrology horoscope for this week:
Writing in "Poetry Flash," critic Andy Brumer reminisces about the creative writing class he took with poet Stan Rice at San Francisco State University. "I remember sitting in class," he muses, "thinking this teacher is working harder at teaching than I am at learning." Please don't let a similar laziness overcome you, Aries. You're entering a phase when the educational possibilities are rich. To take advantage of them, you'll have to match the high intensity and fertile imagination of your teachers. (P.S. Your teachers may be in disguise, not necessarily calling themselves teachers.)
Seems apropos, given the book I'm reading. Now to keep an eye out for other lessons. Good advice whether one puts stock in astrology or not.

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