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Missing time

Looking back over my journal I see that I didn't really have a birthday this year. I remember talking to my Mom (with whom I share the day) and to folks at work (one of whom also has the same birthday). I remember Ericka getting me some gifts. The timing, however, sucked. It was right after we heard that Ericka might have breast cancer but long before we heard that this was not the case. I was in a fog of concern for her.

So I'm thinking I'm owed a birthday party. I used to throw these for myself at Minicon every year but fell out of the habit when we stopped having the Mpls in '73 suite there.

Plus, I've got this spiffy new pot I want to break in.

So now I've got to find a time in my busy schedule to have a party, invite the usual suspects, get things that need cleaning cleaned up and otherwise make preparations.

Hmm. I wonder if I'm just noodling on this because there's no work here at work and I'm missing social interaction. Well, if nothing comes of it, don't think you were snubbed in the inviting, it most likely means I didn't get anything organized.

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