Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Minicon remembered

... or ... It was the best of cons...

As I felt I would, I had a great time at Minicon this year. Having a positive attitude going in probably helped enormously, but I'd like to think I would have had fun regardless.

Geri did a great job getting the con suite going and keeping it on a high level of coolness for both Friday and Saturday nights. Blog went over well and, I think, gave us a good baseline for future years. (We went through one batch during the cocktail party on Friday and three batches during "When Weirds Collide" partying Saturday. So one could probably figure on eight batches for a Minicon of about this size if one wanted to serve it all night Friday and Saturday.)

I only went to one panel this year. I've never been big on convention programming even though the lineup of topics looked excellent. I'm sad I forgot to mention during the remembrances of Gordy Dickson that I'd had a vision after Gordy died. (Regular journal readers may recall it.) There was some discussion of how poorly the priest's sermon at the funeral fit what his friends know of Gordy and I think my vision would have been a welcome substitute. Overall, however, I think people felt a little awkward and didn't want to spend a lot of time on what, frankly, is a bit of a depressing subject in the midst of a convention.

(Oh, I lied about only going to one panel. I did pop in to "Junkbox Wars" long enough to see some of the final devices tested.)

Music was a highlight for me, as it always is. I got feedback from my friend Fred on my participation Saturday. At first he didn't recall I'd been there; I took that as a good sign as if I'd been astoundingly horrible, he likely would have remembered. Then he and Susan both laughed and assured me that I needn't worry about Steve being subtle in his comments; I had pretty much already come to the conclusion and subtle and Steve weren't on close terms and they confirmed that. If I run into Steve while he's in town, however, I'll try to remember to ask him directly.

Sunday disappeared on me with staying up late into its morning from Saturday night and needing to get up early on Monday. I did get to the annual sushi run and gorged myself on fish. Good conversations and good food. We are getting to the point of overwhelming our gracious hosts and probably need to make better arrangements next year. There was more party Monday night, but going to work today and falling asleep on the couch in front of the Tivo precluded participation for me.

Overall, I am very happy with Minicon. Next year's planning now begins in earnest and everything I've heard is good. People seem excited about plans for next year and many are pitching in to help. I hope I'll have time to be one of them and that, either way, Minicon next year will be at least half as fun as this one.

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