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Mastery day 3

Today is about whipping cynicism into submission.

I think I largely have this one licked, but backslide frequently. I am, overall, a positive person. I'm the one that got Ericka started saying, out loud in combination with throwing her arms over her head, "Wheeeee!" whenever some silly thing requires yet something else from her (like another drug to take, or form to fill out or some other little thing that could be an annoyance).

In terms of my goal of becoming a writer, however, I tend to sell myself short easily. I start writing and then get lost in the process. I lose the idea that what I'm writing has worth. I'm a perfectionist enough to want to have it perfect the first time around so I get bogged down in revisions.

So the exercise today is to look at what is making me cynical and pretend they are someone else's problems. Then I am to put a positive spin on those experiences, turning negative into positive. So here goes:

I don't set aside enough time to write every day.
I complete several tasks every day. I can be depended upon to fulfill obligations. I care for others.

My finances don't allow me to be frivolous.
Frugality can be frivolous. I have a lot of fun that doesn't cost me a dime. Extravagances are better appreciated when they are infrequent. Earning from writing is the ultimate combination of frivolity and fun with responsibility.

I never finish what I start writing.
My ideas overflow and spill out onto the page quickly. Finishing is a matter of discipline and can be learned, can become a habit. I've finished three days of exercises, so the premise is patently untrue.

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