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Fevered ramblings

I missed work last night again. As the time for work approached, I felt particularly warm. So I did a quick temperature check and had, in fact, a low grade fever. So I tried calling in to tell them I'd not be coming in. Fever, fatigue, like that. No one answered the phone at work. Odd, that. I'll be calling them again today to see if I'm expected to come in.

The wonky thing about working third shift (or at least today's wonky thing) is that holidays aren't right. Having Memorial Day evening off from work, for example, isn't really a holiday. No one else is staying up late and barbecuing and such. Everyone else has to go to work the next day. So what would be cool, would be if we got Friday night off. Then we'd get the same holiday weekend as everyone else and be ready to go back to work Monday night.

I remember we discussed this with our managers earlier this year, but I don't recall if any decisions were made one way or the other. So I call to see if I'm on holiday this evening.

Just did another temp check: Hovering near 98°, which is a low-grade fever for me. (I typically run about 97.) Sigh. Well, it's to bed again and bundle up to sweat it out.

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