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Interview, drubbing and work

The interview went OK today, I think. The firm's big account is SuperValu and they do all of the advertising circulars inserted into papers and mailed directly to customers. So the majority of the work would be laying out supermarket ads (for Cub Foods locally) with nearly all of the information provided. So no copywriting, no image compositing or much of anything fancy. Just slap some stuff on the page and tweak it up to match standards and look nice. The main part of the interview as a quick test of doing just that. I was given a quick pointer to where some files were, a page of mark-up and a half hour to get it all done. I got most of it completed (didn't complete the Photoshop clipping path for one of the pieces of new artwork) and think I did pretty well. They wanted my salary requirements so I did some quick math and sent them a number I think I'd be happy with.

Got home in time for my buddies to pick me up for tonight's outing to the Twins game. I almost feel bad for the White Sox, the Twins smacked them around so hard. After the Sox's starting pitcher left the game and was seen on the Jumbo-tron, sitting on the bench with his sweatshirt over his head while sock puppets sang and danced to "Hit the Road, Jack," it just seemed abusive. Funny, but abusive. The final score was 18-3 and it looked more like batting practice than a ball game toward the end.

And now I'm at work, with a quick flurry of activity but settling in for a long night as the only thing left to work on is a job due at noon on Monday. I am seriously unmotivated for this thing but it's small so I'll just pick at it for the next four hours or so and have it ready to go for the weekend crew.

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