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A real peak day

Been busy all night. I'm here for another half hour and there's still some work I could be doing. Would rather post here, though so I'm slacking a bit. Still, most things are caught up that are due today.

Ericka got back from the lymphedema clinic with a sheaf of literature, a couple of books and some web links for more information. Seems that what she's experiencing is a general failure of her lymph system to do its job. So we get to do some physical things to jump-start it and prevent further problems. There is the highly-technical "pet the cat" routine, some body wrapping and exercise (the doctor was highly supportive of getting her back to the pool therapy regularly).

One of the books she brought back was one the doctor said they don't typically give to patients. I can see why. It's full of scary pictures of what can happen if this condition isn't treated. The picture of the guy with a scrotum the size of a cantaloupe pushed Ericka over the edge and I needed to take the book away as she covered her eyes and muttered "ouch, ouch, oh ouch" to herself.

I've got a baseball game this evening. The Twins took it to the Red Sox, beating their star pitcher Pedro Martinez last night. Too bad the game wasn't televised, would have liked to have seen that. Tonight will be a real test for the Twins. You see, the Red Sox, they don't like it when you beat Pedro. So they'll be fired up and ready to cream our guys. We'll see how our new pitcher, Kenny Rogers, holds up to the pressure of the big bats of Boston.

Have to work Sunday so that'll shorten up the weekend. Should be a nice chunk of overtime, though, which always comes in handy.

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