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If he's posting twice, it must be peak.... - Peter Hentges

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May 7th, 2003

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04:43 am - If he's posting twice, it must be peak....
We enter a peak season again at work today. Everyone's expected to be available to either come in early or stay late. I chose to come in early if they needed me. This means they'll have to call me in order to get me to come in. If I was staying late, they could decide at the end of the night to have me hang on another couple of hours. I'm usually pretty sleepy when I head home so I didn't think that'll work.

This arrangement goes on the rest of the week. Everyone works one day on the weekend. (Mine is Sunday night.) and then we're scheduled for 12-hour days for Monday through Wednesday next week.

With all this prep, though, we're spectacularly un-busy. This seems to be the rule for peaks, at least on third shift. My guess is that with the first two shifts working extra hours, it takes a major influx of work to roll into third shift. Still, if I get in a few extra hours of overtime, that won't suck.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: Favorite Thing--The Replacements--Let It Be

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