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Minicon, day 1.5

This "day" of Minicon started for me by heading off to work. Not exactly ideal, but really not all that bad. For the web project I was working on, I had all the bits under my control working as expected, with one minor bug. The programmer I was working with had all his bits working as expected. I arrived to find that he'd worked out why the minor bug was happening and his fix worked. Of course other people involved in the project had issues.

So I swiftly decided there was no more I could do there until these people got over their things. My boss was in a meeting in another facility so I told my co-workers to let him know I was leaving. I was going to Minicon to have fun. Fun, fun, fun. And if I had to much fun, I wouldn't be coming in on Monday.

And, things proceeded pretty much according to plan. Ericka and I got to the con about 1:30. She did much shopping, enjoying the huckster's room while it was uncrowded and pooped out at about 4:00 with a bag full of books and t-shirts and a wonderful new necklace made by our friend Elise. She also got to watch as Elise showed another friend, Terry, the necklace made from a poem of Terry's.

I took Ericka home and then headed back to blogmeister for the pre-opening ceremonies cocktail party. After a bit of recipe tweaking with the fine boys from PFRC, we had blog. Darn good blog. With Jack pouring "real" cocktails people were getting pretty happy and I assume opening ceremonies went well. I was cleaning blog buckets and missed it. ;)

After the cocktail party, I headed over to Kieran's to hear the Tim Malloys. I sat through two sets. One, the bass player Neil declared "the rowdiest set they'd played in a long while" and was much fun. The second was just as fun for my money. They hit all three songs they play that had been running through my head for a week; "Boys from County Hell," "Van Dieman's Land," and "Johhny Cope." Satiated on bloody Irish music, I made my way back to the con. I sat in on a few neat discussions and some great music happening there as well.

On my way out, I got sucked into SMOFfing with next year's chairman and a few other folks. I also talked about some plans for tomorrow with Parties head Geri.

It is now, as you can see, very early and we'll start all this again tomorrow. With all this fun, Monday isn't looking good for work. And, you know, that's just fine.

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