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The manager who cried "busy!"

I got a call in the early evening from my work. The second shift manager was calling people to come in if they wanted to work because they were busy. I looked at the caller ID and went back to sleep. Catherine Crockett, an impromptu houseguest after Corflu, answered as she was making calls around to friends and took the message. My thinking was a) I didn't really want to go to work and b) if I did go in, there'd be about an hour of a flurry of activity followed by a long slow night.

When I got here at my regular time, I discovered that I was right. There were two jobs on the board and maybe half a dozen waiting for people to start them. Within two hours I was working on jobs that weren't due until 1:30 the following afternoon. Just finished working on a job that's due at 9:00 pm tomorrow (er, today, Tuesday; third shift tomorrow).

I'm not sure where the miscommunication and/or misestimation comes into play but if they keep this up, when they are busy, there'll be no one willing to come in as they'll be stuck without work early. Now, if they sent us home early as well, that'd be different, but coming in early means working a long shift. Not anyone's idea of fun.

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