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Sleepy days are good for baseball

Relaxing couple of days over the weekend here. Much good and needed sleep, the cat has been particularly snugly (which might have to do with the unexpected visit of a friend's dog for a couple of days). I've watched the Twins win one and drop two to the White Sox, but overall enjoyed the games. The Sox are sluggers, that's for sure but it was good seeing our pitchers doing decently well. The pitching has been inconsistent and that's led to a slow April when combined with the hitting slump most of the team's been in. I have tickets to the April 30 game against the Devil Rays so we'll see if the team does better at home than on this road trip.

I've also got some little house things done. Futzed with my TiVo, which hasn't been recording to tape with the quality I'd like but fortunately didn't have to produce a copy of last week's Angel to the person that asked for it as I still don't know why that's happening. Also tried a couple of things with the iMac and OfficeJet G85 that aren't talking to each other. I can communicate enough to send a fax from the computer, to align the print cartridges or to check the ink levels, but I can't print; frustrating.

Got all my bike gear into the wash today as well. With about 24 hours to dry before I have to go to work tomorrow, I should have something to wear for the commute with no problem. I think I need to pick up another pair of bike shorts to fill out the wardrobe and give me more time to get things washed while commuting every day.

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