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The wonders of exercise

The biking into work is doing very good things for me. I'm generally opposed to exercise for its own sake but this whole exercise as transportation thing is working well. I find that it's easier to stay awake all night. I'm sleeping deeper and longer.

My rat count is still at one.

The downside is that I'm having less time to do things around the house as I'm waking up later in the day. Still, I think the overall benefit will catch up with the rest of things so that as the summer wears on I'll be feeling quite good.

I need to get one or two more pairs of cycling shorts, though. I'll not be riding in tonight as all mine will be in the wash. The arm-warmers I got earlier this year have worked out well in their debut so I'm thinking that leg-warmers from the same company will be a good idea. Be perfect for Fall when the nights will still be warm on the ride in but the morning rides home will be extra chilly.

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