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Writing practice - Peter Hentges

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July 3rd, 2003

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04:38 am - Writing practice
In front of the long holiday weekend there is no work at work tonight. I suspect there will be less tomorrow. So I took the opportunity to get a little writing in and it worked surprisingly well.

The bit I was writing started out with an image of a man walking down a snowy street. It's dark out, but holiday lights make the street bright in the falling snow. The man is cold and not altogether dressed for the weather (which go together). Up until about three hours ago, he was happy. Now he's witnessed something that has shaken his world-view and ruined his best-laid plans.

It started with a rambling and stumbled into a description of the man, he acquired a name (Michael Hunter) and a job (he works in the music section of something like a Barnes & Noble). His attitudes started to color descriptions of his activities from the casual sneering at his corporate bosses to the glee at having saved a week's worth of vacation and his plans for it. Before I knew it, most of a story leapt out, though I wasn't quick enough to catch it on the first go-round. I typed up notes and images as quickly as I could, but it will take some going over to flesh it out.
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